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My home got trashed by a tree/tornado

On the 18th at 9am a tree decided it would land in my house almost cracking it in half and flooding 2 1/2 rooms.I think it mistook me for the Wicked Witch Of The West.The Red Cross helped us a little bit putting us up in a hotel for 3 nights and giving us food money for the 3 days.
My cousin bust her butt to find us a rent house so we wouldn’t be homeless,the gov did NOTHING to help up.Salvation Army told us to go stay at a homeless shelter,fuck them I’m not going to go stay in a homeless shelter with rapist and psychos and also leave my pets I don’t know where!
If folks want to help out you can spread the word about my etsy shop and also walmart gift cards have been a huge help as well as one from lowes
My Wist where I have giftcards amongst the other frivolous crap
My addy
My e-mail
I also appracite it if you can’t afford to help if you pass me and mom’s etsy links around
My art.
Vintage and Reconed clothes
My Mom’s etsy for occult stuff and also wigs.
And THANKS to everybody who has helped so far!
We are now safe and sound in a rent house but the clean up to salvage our undamaged stuff and salvage our sanity has been a bit of a ordeal.
I’m just going to cut and paste some of my FB post here so I don’t have to retype if things seem a bit disjointed that is why.

I forgot some of you may know what I was talking about in the last post.The Louisiana weather,a tornado put a tree through my living room and kitchen at 9am when we were sleeping.So the red cross put us up in a hotel for a few days we are all ok including the pets.We are just a little freaked out.I guess me and mom are used to dealing with dramatic situations.The worse part is having to know I will have to go back in there and clean up the flooded mess in the living room and kitchen and once we find out WTF we will do for a house and move the belongings to where we end up.Yes it’s a shitty situation but we both feel lucky because by some streak of luck Oya was watching out for us and nobody including the pets were hurt.Which is amazing that nobody got hurt because it was like a 4 story tree that got ripped in half and the top put through the kitchen and living room.

Just a quick note *i’m on my crappy laptop with a broken screen and the connections is slow here.* .Red cross has put us up in a hotel for 3 days and then we have to contact salvation army for long term help.My cousin Torrey is calling around to them about it for us and the red cross folks came to the house.So maybe the Salvation Army will help us out and we won’t need help .It’s presidents day to…morrow and then mardi gras so I don’t know if that will make things take longer.Thankfully nobody was hurt other then my feet having a few cuts from darting under the fallen in roof to see if squirrel was ok.And the way and the rooms it fell in there was nothing of major value in there the kitchen and living room is where the tree came through,in the living the roof was about 4 feet from the ground but the only thing that got damaged was like the shitty sofa that we were going to throw out anyway and the tree missed the metal tool cabinet I keep my dolls ect in.It just dented the top of that very little so the doors can’t shut all the way and nothing happened to things like the computer or even any of our clothing ect since it hit the middle of the house which was really good.We are just waiting to see what the sal army says I don’t know what they do for you since this is one of the few dramatic situations we havn’t been in.LOLThe red cross people were super nice and put us up for 3 nights in a hotel and they give you a debit card with 100.00 on it so you can get food and whatever you need.Which was great all I had was 9.00 to my name.So because of that we had money to get food ect.I’ll keep everybody posted what is going on.Like I said thankfully nobody was hurt and nothing of big value was broken which is likely because we don”t have anything of value.LOL.About the only thing I have that is worth anything is my art and art from friends.Even though a tree almost put the damn roof on the floor the doll cabinet where I keep the stuff I have for sale wasn’t hurt the top of it just got dented so the doors don’t totally shut together and I had some dolls on my mom’s work desk on the other side and they were fine.The dolls save their own asses .LOL Anyhoo we are all ok and all the pets are ok.Miss Squirrel is loose in the bathroom and she has her little pink tee pee so she’s all good.I just feel bad she doesn’t have her window to look out of and I can’t really let her look out the window in the room because I think they frown upon having wild squirrels in hotel rooms.So I don’t want to get busted by letting her leer at the window.

The whole town got it’s butt kicked.

My cousin why works for the housing authority has been calling the salvation army,the red cross and also 211 all day and of course nobody can help us and fema won’t get involved because even though the town was hit pretty hard the president didn’t declare it a disaster zone.I’d like to relocate to austion since we have been planning on moving there to get out of this insane weather hell hole but I doubt anybody will assist with that and it also sucks fema won’t help.

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